Gluvia dorsalis


Solifugae is the order of sun-spiders. A sun-spider also known as a wind scorpion is an arachnid that resembles a scorpion and a spider. There are 12 families and 1,000 species in the sun-spider's order, Solifugae.

Anatomy Edit

Sun-spiders have flexible abdomens where they join a cephalothorax and a head with small eyes. They use huge chelicerae to kill and eat prey. Sun-spiders also have sensitive body hairs and organs in their last pair of walking legs.

Feeding Edit

All sun-spider are predacious.

Habitat Edit

Most sun-spiders like a habitat that is dry and warm, though some favor mountainous regions. Sometimes even the African savanna or woodland.

Occurence Edit

Most sun-spiders live in Asia, Africa, and some parts of North America.

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